Tuesday, November 4, 2008

we be married!


I'm married. Pretty cool, huh?

The wedding was amazing. Greg and I both agree that there wasn't a single thing we would've changed. The weather was perfect, the vendors all went above and beyond, our families totally rocked it on the helpful front. I do have time for some recaps today but I think it would be a better idea if I tried to clean up my house a little bit. Do something other than sit around with the hubs and eat leftover cake.

But here's a little taste of the awesome:
(pic from Mike Harries. You're excited now, aren't you?)

Oh, and go vote. I don't care if it's for Obama or McCain...okay, no, obviously I care. I would like if you would vote for Obama. But if everyone I know goes out and votes and McCain still wins, then I will respect that decision. Just make a decision. It's important, okay?