Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a big "no" and an "i guess not"

Greg, Ashley and I drove all the way out to 144th and F to check out the sale at Suburban Bridal.
(I know! I took the groom with me! For shame!) It was a very long drive, and when we walked in there's a big desk right in the middle with four ladies sitting at it. And they just stared at us when we walked in, which made me very nervous since I have never stepped foot into a bridal salon in my life. I finally said I heard about their sale and wanted to try on some gowns. And they said, get this, what sale?
On your website, I said.
And the woman who was clearly in charge said, oh, I'll have to check the website then. And sent us off to look at the racks of dresses by ourselves until she could figure it out.
You don't know when your own sale is? Insanity!
The service wasn't stellar, but I might go back because they weren't really expensive and I don't really require assistance when Greg and Ashley are on the hunt. Also, despite my college appearance, they didn't stop me from trying on dresses. Here I am trying on my first ever wedding dress:

It was...pretty. I liked the bust detailing, and the straps that were all beaded (although you can't see either of those things here) and I LOVED the price--$99, suckas. But I didn't love the dress. I put it on again when I was done because, come on, it's $99! That's less than I spend most grocery trips. It looked nice and it made me look pretty, but I just didn't think it was the kind of dress I would wear. But, but, $99! Then I figured, if I had to consider whether or not I wanted it, it wasn't the dress for me.
Remind me of this moment when I'm desperately over budget and crying because the dress I want is too expensive.
Then, when I realized none of their dresses were for me, and NONE of them were short (dang) I decided to get a little silly. Since the beloved Alyce dress has a huge puffy skirt, I decided to try on a dress with a huge puffy skirt. Heavy emphasis on the puffy. And the huge.
We couldn't even capture the entire thing in one frame of film! Definitely not the dress for me.
Don't feel bad for the dress, though. It doesn't need me. When I took it off, it stood on its own. Spooky.
I also tried on a straight skirted dress with a lace overlay and a little dragonfly detailing. Made me look like a box. Not even worth a picture. But it made me a little misty over a dress I found when I was doing a high school research project, before I even HAD a boyfriend, of course. It was a Michelle Roth with cap sleeves, pearl buttons, and a diamond dragonfly, that was the first dress to which I ever said "I want that to be in my wedding." And funnily enough I didn't really think about what I wanted to wear in my own wedding again until now. What kind of girl am I, anyway? Well, turns out, the kind of girl who leaves her skirt and leggings on underneath wedding gowns. Class-ay.

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