Friday, February 29, 2008

other people's weddings

Oh my goodness. "A Lull in Traffic"? More like a complete halt to traffic. A seven car pile up. I was REALLY busy for a while there...and, let's face it, a little burned out on life in general.
(I know what you're're burned out NOW? You haven't even begun to be stressed little bride girl.) And I was going to post yesterday but then the phone rang and I had to spend the last twenty four hours stressing out and opening a one woman show at UNO (showing again on Sunday and Friday, ifyouwanttocome) but now we are back to regular programing and posting and planning with almost psychotic enthusiasm.
Why this burst of enthusiasm?
Well, one, our wedding is in eight months. So if I'm not planning now I'm a fucking idiot.
Two, I bought a new, much less intimidating and far more useful wedding planner, with all sorts of lovely checklists and blanks that I want to fill in.
Three, I went to a wedding today.
Which is the point of this post.Vince and Sarah (shown above in a promotional shot for their show Grimm people have the best pictures) are good friends of Greg, and kind of good friends of mine. I mean, I work with them a lot in theatre, and I enjoy them a lot, but I didn't consider their wedding "A Big Deal" for me. Not as big as say my sister's, or Jen and Jon's. Casual friends, you know. But it was kind of exciting because they have been dating a LONG time, longer than any other wedding I have ever been to...and, you know, I haven't been to a wedding since I got engaged. And once you're engaged things like weddings aren't just fun social events, they are business. And a great place to spy.
Well. We were a pinch late, so we rushed in and grabbed a seat right by the door right before the familial processional. I only had a second to look at the program and take off my coat before it was the groom took his place.
As soon as Vince stood in the front, I started crying.
Oh my god. And when Sarah came in in her dress I done. Tears for the entire ceremony. It was ridiculous. At my sister's wedding I made it almost to the end, at Jen's I think I made it to the vows? And here were two people who I'm not incredibly tied to, and I'm sniffling and staring at the ceiling and basically being a Big. Old. Wuss.

I know exactly why this is.

I blame the ring, really.

Whereas previously I would've felt intense pride for Vince and Sarah for making this commitment, and touched that Vince's dad was their officiant, and honored to be present...but no. Now that I'm engaged, this is what was going through my head:
"They're getting MARRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIED! Her dress is so PRETTYYYYYYYY! I am also getting MARRIIIIIIIIIIIIED! I will also get a pretty dress!!!" And then, tears.
I have at least three weddings to attend before my own...this could get intense you guys.


oohshiny said...

Haaa... a Leap Year anniversary. I'm sure Vince is SICK of all the "Wow man, you sure lucked out on that one!" jokes. It's kind of neat, though.

How was their wedding? From what you said, it sounds pretty traditional, but knowing those two, I can't imagine it being too traditional, you know?

I like weddings.

Shannon said...

i like weddings too!
it actually was very traditional...except for the imperial death march, and the fact that a portion of their self-scribed vows were from a play they very recently did. they did a really cool salt ceremony instead of unity candles.

and the reception had no dancing or liquor at all.
very traditional.

Sister said...

I need liquor. I think the more you get done/planned for your own wedding, the better you will feel about yours! Weddings make me cry, too. Church in general makes me tear up. Maybe that's a sign that I need to go more?!