Sunday, March 2, 2008

dang nabbit!

I have been skulking around ebay lately, looking at the pretty dresses. I've bid on a handlful of dresses that are NOT wedding, at all:And this one, which is too springy for a Hallowedding but still super cute:
But I did some SERIOUS bidding on this dress, thinking that it would be a fantastic reception dress. But damn me, I had a show this afternoon and couldn't sit at the computer, and they beat me BY A DOLLAR. Ebay you break my heart.
Look how orange!Petticoats!

I think I will continue down this path, but I also think I'll be a more defensive bidder. That orange dress going to someone else makes me sad. Especially for fifty one damn dollars.

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leah said...

oh gosh, my friend heather is planning a wedding and is going for a kind of vintage feel and she came across this site,, and there is this dress that i thought seemed right up your alley. SO PRETTY! but i don't know if anyone in the free world still has that tiny of a waist, haha.