Thursday, April 3, 2008

peachy won it!

Ebay has been redeemed! After losing the orange dress I was feeling a little defeated, frankly. I didn't want my heart to break again. And I thought, you know, you don't really want an ebay dress, a crazy control freak like you? Something you hadn't even tried on? A dress you've never seen? That would be CRAZINESS.
Then yesterday I found something really really pretty and that sort of went out the window.

So let's see it!

But, okay, this is NOT OFFICIALLY MY WEDDING DRESS. Understand? Mom and sister, don't cry because I bought my wedding dress on ebay. The measurements are a little...wee. The waist measurement is about two inches too small, but it should be fine with a few months of exercise and a nice pair of spanx. The bust measurement is also small, but I could maybe take it out? Or just squeeze and be super busty. So I bid like a madman on a dress that could potentially not fit because love makes us crazy, alright? If it looks like it won't fit over the world's most massive ribcage (mine) I will just resell it on ebay.

It was also lucky because I was in rehearsal when the bidding ended so I had a super massive "maximum bid" waiting in the wings...thanks to the other bidders for giving up!

I'm such a tease! Jesus.

So, without further ado, Dress Option A...there is not B at the moment but still, Option A:

It is made of lace and tulle, it's actually from the fifties, and has boning and accordion pleating...mmmmm.
It is he little ruffle modesty piece is going to go...I'm not big on "modesty."
Seller says it should be here in about a week and then I'll try it on! WHEE!


ashley said...

It is so beautiful!

and it looks almost exactly like what you've been describing.


Sister said...

I like it! I won't cry if you want to wear that one! Love you sister!

katie said...

that dress is sooooo pretty!
yay, a dress : )

AND i told my roommate about "jaxies" and she got very excited. i know you don't know each other, but still....

oohshiny said...

Sometimes ebay is amazing! I doubt you'll find anything as nice as that looks in Omaha.
I am so glad that you're posing wedding things again. I think I was getting withdrawls.

oohshiny said...

Though of you and wedding registries...

leah said...

as a precursor, let me say that i have a *lot* of free time at work, and also that one of my best friends is getting marred in august so we spend a lot of time looking at wedding stuff to pass our time at work.

that said, isn't this adorable??