Monday, May 5, 2008

worst. blogger. ever.

Well in my defense, I didn't blog because I didn't have anything to say...until now. Went home this weekend and achieved more wedding planning in a few days than I have in the last four or five months of being engaged. Thank God for Moms and sisters. They push your ass to achieve.
So let's just make a list, shall we, of things we need to blog about:

I try to keep the swearing to a minimum because there are mothers present but HOLY FUCK, YOU GUYS. SIX MONTHS.

2. I FOUND MY DRESS. And honestly I think that's how I was able to get anything else done because pretty much everything is coordinated to go with the dress and two, we now have something that is expensive that cannot be taken back. This shit is ON, brother.

3. Within like 18 hours of ordering the dress, I decided on my bridesmaid dresses.

4. I have a mock-up of my bridal bouquet in my closet.

5. I made a budget (six months before the wedding! I am the least responsible engaged person ALIVE)

6. I mapped out a bunch of stupid shit like centerpieces and the like.

So, much blogging to be done. Let's go!

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