Monday, May 26, 2008

reception venue: achieved!

As I have mentioned, we have made a deposit on our reception venue, so we're all official and stuff in at least one area, and even if we never find a place to hold the ceremony, there WILL be a place where we can go eat some dinner and dance.

We did end up going with the Scouler Ballroom. In my first post about possible venues, I worried that the building might be a little too big and too expensive, but when you do very special wedding math*, it's not going to be too bad. Also, c'mon guys, it's really pretty, and in the heart of downtown, and has a long list of possible caterers with whom I am excited to begin negotiations. I know several people who have gotten married there so I can just totally steal their setup. JBC, prepare to get bothered!

So hooray! HOORAY!

*Wedding Math: a special equation where a venue SEEMS to be inexpensive, but they only use the super expensive caterer and require you to pay all sorts of hidden fees and you end up with crap food and cranky guests and unhappy Shannons. If you have more than one Shannon lying around.


oohshiny said...

You COULD have your ceremony there too.. I know it's probably not ideal, but people have done that before. I think you get pretty much the whole day with the room... I know that we got it the day before since it was Thursday and nothing else was going on in there.

Also, my mom is really the one who should prepare to be bothered. I don't remember much, other than saying, "I want my reception here because it doesn't look like a warehouse." I think I still have some of the paperwork as far as catering and bar upstairs, but it won't help you because Margaurite's shut down after our wedding.

(Also, we went and talked to the guy from Attitude on Food, and he said he would send us a quote on prices for meals... still waiting on that one...)

Are you excited about photo ops? Because you should be.

oohshiny said...

Oh hey, you know how we had those skinny vases on all the tables? There were like 3 to a table, and I completely forget how many tables we had, but I'm pretty sure my mom kept all of them. If you wanted to use any of them, let me know. I've got some other glass vases too.
Dunno, just occured to me, that's all!