Friday, November 16, 2007

location shmocation

I have been engaged for almost a month now, but of course since I sort of knew it was coming, and since it's under a year away, on a holiday, I've got a lot of stuff planned out and about six hundred "inspiration" bookmarks on my browser (I haven't counted, but I will later...when I'm not blogging at work...whoops) so I always think, Shannon, you are in a pretty good place on this wedding. I have very strong ideas for my dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the center pieces, we know who's going to marry us and who's in our wedding party. I've emailed about a hundred thousand dress salons looking for certain dresses (with no luck...and it turns out one of my favorites is getting discontinued so, you know, that sucks) and asked two of the bridesmaids to consider crocheting shawls for the bridal! Progress, right?
But of course, there is something I haven't really put a ton of research into yet. And that thing is at the top of all the checklists I see, and it's what everyone asks about, and everyone who has ever planned a wedding says I NEED TO DECIDE ON SOON, and that is the venue.
But, but, but, venues aren't sparkly! Or made of white organza! That stuff is boring and expensive. But dangit, it will affect all our other decisions, it's going to be a HUGE chunk of our budget, and well, we're getting married on a party holiday so we need to get on this.

Another thing we have to consider is whether to have the reception and the ceremony at the same place, since neither of us are tied to a church in Omaha. It would be almost double the money to rent two places but since we're giving a break in the middle it feels weird to have them come back to the same building...I don't know. Any opinions?

First of all, there is the UNO Alumni center
We are getting married on a Friday and that makes this place CHEAP. It's where the VachaPittacks got married and where Vince and Sarah will be getting married. Greg really likes this option because it will be close to the theatre makeup rooms, which will be great when we go off to do our bridal zombie makeup (it'll be classy, Mom, I promise) It also has some prime trick or treating locals around it. But I have my doubts about this place, because one, it's the alumni center for our university, and I worry that it will make us seem kind of like little kids...and since we'll "only" be 23 when we get married, and we're going to have kind of a campy wedding, I want us to SEEM as mature as possible. Also, it will be only about two blocks from the UNO dorms, where about seven hundred students will be drunkenly celebrating Halloween as well, and I worry about noise and shenanigans. And they only give you one choice for caterers, which upsets me both as a controlling person and as someone who REALLY likes food.

But if we wanted to go SUPER expensive, there's always the Joslyn
How very metropolitan would it be for us to get married in an art museum? And the event pictures are beyond gorgeous. Two different pretty places, one for ceremony and one for the reception? Mayyyybe? But yes, it is super expensive. You would save a bunch of money other places, though, because who needs decorations when you have a fountain? Or an El Greco? But we kind of need decorations, don't we? It's Halloween. This is Hallowedding! It is also a lousy location for trick or treating. But still, oh, still, SO PRETTY. I've heard you can rent out the castle too, which could be pretty spooky. Hmmm.

Oh, and the Livestock Exchange
I have heard tales that this part of town smells bad. I don't know the situation on local trick or treating. But Greg and I both like it because it looks like the tower of terror and that is very Halloween friendly. The inside is very pretty also, but again, only one catering company and slightly higher price tag. Also, apparently there are apartments within the building as well and I'm not so into that jive.

The Omaha Community Playhouse
We know a couple getting married at the playhouse, and they're renting it for INSANE cheap. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure October 31st would be a performance day for them, so it's out. But if anyone else is getting married when they're NOT having a show, look into it, it's lovely and there's lots of getting ready room. Maybe if we timed it right it could be a ceremony venue?

Durham Western Heritage Museum
I have never been inside this building, but I think Jen turned me onto it. The picture from the main page makes me want to consider it just for the breathtaking mood lighting--->

And finally we have
the Scoular Ballroom
This is where the Bruce-Connealy wedding was and boy howdy, it was pretty. AND mature. AND it could be Halloweened OUT. And you have catering options, which is a big bonus for me. But it is also more expensive and also MASSIVE..I think Jen and Jon's wedding probably had a hundred more people at it than I plan to have at mine, and I don't want it to seem vast and empty.
But here is a picture of the set up of Jen's wedding from her facebook:That big black curtain in the back is a STAGE, you guys. Which appeals to the diva actor in me. And adds fun options for performance.
Oh, and while we are on the topic of Connealy's, can I just introduce you guys to JenBruce Connealy, Captain Wedding? This girl has sent me most of the links to these places and is an INVALUABLE source to all wedding planning...but she's not a wedding planner. She's just a girl who got married and rocked at it. And they're super cute, just look!I'm totally putting her in the program as Captain Wedding, you just see if I don't.


oohshiny said...

You have no idea how excited I am to be Captain Wedding.

Is the ballroom that much more expensive? I thought it wasn't bad for a Friday night. I know that we got a discount for an August wedding.

A girl I work with seems to know of some smaller reception sites in Omaha.

OH! One thing we considered, which is completely silly, was the Orpheum! I think that that people have gotten married there before. I'm sure it's ridiculously expensive.

Our friends Ben and Shari had their reception at the Western Heritage... I could probably round up some pictures for you. But in the banquet room or whatever, I remember a big mural that possibly had buffalo.

And just to be me, they say you'd be saving 50% on the room rental at the Alumni, but the catering prices are so much higher than other places you'd be able to get your own caterer. I don't know, after seeing what few pictures I have of the Babgy wedding, I'm wondering if the Scottish Rite place might be a decent option. I also haven't heard the most wonderful thing about the bar at the Alumni center... the bar is IMPORTANT!

I can start researching again ;)

And holy crap, Vince and Sarah are actually getting married?

oohshiny said...

Yeah, I'm pretty much in love with the Scoular Ballroom. And like, if you need to fill room, you can put the presents table in the room, and you were talking about candy bar, and that takes up some space, as well as a real bar. AND if you REALLY needed to take up more space, Haunted House! I have no idea how that one would be pulled off.

I don't know, I'm pretty much anti-Alumni because of the super expensive catering. BUT if that's what you WANT, then don't listen to me at all!

And, STD for out of townies... I didn't have many of those, so I guess it's probably more necessary for you. Besides. You have Greg making them! :D

Dammit, you've got me making multiple posts again.

Captain Wedding, away!

Ashley said...

Yeah, Maria had big bar problems at her wedding at the alumni center. Probably things that they didn't think to discuss beforehand and thats why, but yeah...

it should be noted that the idea of the shawls was originally brought up because i felt like a complete crap ass of a bridesmaid next to captain wedding over here and wanted something to do....we shall see if i suck at it.

oohshiny said...

Ashley doesn't suck! I'm just crazy obsessed about planning weddings! You have the hard part. You have to keep Shannon sane!

oohshiny said...

Shari says about Western Heritage:

Pros: beautiful, good kitchen for catering, you can pick your own caterer, early set up, you can rent the whole place or just the room, easy to work with, discount if you are a member, decent prices. Cons...umm...I you have to rent everything besides the dance floor which was fine with us.

oohshiny said...

Kim says about Scottish Rite:

we had a really good experience there, i would tell anyone i knew to check it out.

they charged us $1500. that included tables and chairs and if they were available the day before/after you could set up/take down at no extra charge (during regular hours). the big thing is that they let you do your own food/alcohol and that saved us a TON of money. there are a couple "hidden" fees, they make you pay for security and maintenance but it's not too steep. i think we had to get our own insurance policy, too.

oh yeah, one thing we didnt count on is how ugly their tablecloths and chairs are. if stuff like that matters to whoever is looking at the room, make sure they plan on paying for linens!! we didnt plan on it and then changed our minds at the last minute and it cost kind of a lot to do everything. but thats only if it matters to might not, im just stupidly anal rententive and went for it. :)

the building is really pretty and they have a seperate bar area, which was nice for those who didnt want to hear the dj after dinner. the main set up contact guy was kind of stand-off-ish at first and i thought that he would be difficult but he ended up helping us SOOOO much.

so thats about it, we were really pleased with everyone there. its definitely worth checking out.

oohshiny said...¤t=bagbywedding.jpg

Picture from Kim Bagby wedding. Idea of reception room...