Sunday, November 4, 2007

This Hallowedding Brought to You by Target

No, we're not getting corporate sponsership. But gosh darnit, we should be!
Most awesome part of having a Hallowedding, every store in town would love to have you buy their stuff at a discount just so they don't have to see it anymore.
A deep, deep discount--we now have our "fancy" candles, most of our candy buffet dishes, some of the bridesmaids gifts (not pictured), almost all our napkins and cake plates, and a few things like giant orange tubs that we will "figure out how to use" for under $100.

I think this "after season" hunting could work for almost any wedding, really--the black sparkly bowls would go with elegant affairs--and after Christmas there's a ton of sparkly items in whites and pastels that aren't obviously holiday related. So hit up those sales! They are super awesome! The only disappointing thing was I was expecting some black and orange m&ms and I only found one bag. But we're on the search for more tomorrow!

Oh my God you guys---we bought stuff for the wedding! This is exciting!

EDIT: Hey, this is Greg. I changed some settings around and now anybody and everybody should be able to post comments here, Blogger account or not. I'll also be working on a proper website this week and then the blog will hopefully seamlessly move there. Just a heads-up.

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