Thursday, November 8, 2007

an update on love...

...dress love, that is. (The other kind of love is sort of a given in the wedding process.)
No one in the greater NE area has the frilly champagne fantasmo of an Alyce dress, which is kind of okay since I'm sure it's a little to elaborate for little ol' me, but also kind of sad since me ma loved that dress so much she offered to pay for it. Boo.
The Eden Informals dress is also unavailable in my area but I found a woman in Sioux Falls (IOWA! I know! I'm sorry!) who would order it for me, and then if I didn't like it would apply the price of that dress to another dress in her store. So, if worse comes to worse, the old Maid O' Honor and I will take some trips to the Invisible State and maybe get me some frills.But, since I'm me, and apparently I like to accumulate desire for lovely things I can never have, I have a new obsession. The nearest boutiques are Chicago and Denver, I think, and I'm sure they're wildly out of my price range since they are made by a very small company, but OH MY DEAR LORD, the selection of shortie dresses!
Presenting my newest objects of lust, dresses by Stephanie James. She sights one of her inspirations as 50's courthouse weddings...50's COURTHOUSE WEDDINGS, people! That's exactly what I said!
What wouldn't I love about this woman? Tea length skirts, lace, structurally MAGNIFICENT, little peekaboo petticoats and the
Which is all I want in the whole world.
(montage image from weddingbee)

Why do I keep doing these things to myself?!


oohshiny said...

Because you are planning your wedding! You're supposed to fall in love with ridiculousness that is not to be had.

That's what I figure, at least!

oohshiny said...

And oh! You found weddingbee! That makes me so happy! Have you thrown up at the inordinate amounts of money some of the women spend on their weddings? Effin' crazy.

Jon's cousin just got engaged this week. I don't know if his fiancee has many friends in Omaha, so I might be offering some wedding services elsewhere, as well.

Kim used-to-be-Bagby has some pictures from her wedding up on myspace... there's one where you can kind of see the reception hall, and it looks like she had a black veil. And claims to have meaty arms. Whatever.