Wednesday, November 21, 2007

a looooong weekend before a long weekend

Last weekend was my birthday, the end of my show at the Playhouse, and the week that EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF MY FAMILY came to town. It was high stress. My dad hadn't told any of his side of the family that I was engaged because he thought I wanted to--but I think I may have expressed that this is embarrassing to me, like announcing it's one's own birthday, and I just want people to magically know and be happy for us. And maybe buy us drinks. But I think we all handled it very well. It was the first time Greg had spent time with that side of the family (and he ended up spending A LOT of time with that side of the family) and he just charmed the pants off of everyone because he's just impressive like that.
It was my dad's birthday as well, and so we exchanged presents. When that was done he said, so tell me about the wedding. And so we started laying out the plans we had already made, discussed our planning process, etc. I was kind of waiting for the "how is it getting paid for" talk but it never came. So I thought, oh well, I can talk it over with him at Thanksgiving.
But nooooooooooo. No, my new retail job decided to schedule me until close the day before Thanksgiving and at 9 a.m. the day after. Which is awesome, since I am going out of town. So I will arrive at midnight tonight and leave after dinner tomorrow and that means I don't get a dad thanksgiving at all! So I guess we'll have the talk at...Christmas? Awesome. It's hard for me to ask for money. I was kind of hoping I could do it when my brother was around since my dad so highly regards his opinion, but oh well. Nothing I can do about it now.
But you know I can't get TOO bummed about things because this Saturday is ENGAGEMENT PARTY! With dresses and fancy snacks.

And it is also snowing. And it's okay now to decorate for Christmas. Which are not Hallowedding related it is just wonderful.

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oohshiny said...

Ring? Ring ring ring? Pictures of ring? Yes?

Can't wait until Saturday. Will probably be there.