Sunday, November 25, 2007

oh, yeah, right

Yesterday Ashley, Krystal and Ben threw us an engagement/birthday party last night, which was wonderful. I like parties. I like party food. And I like excuses to wear pretty dresses.

But while we were getting ready to start the party, Ashley was making dip and I was washing some last minute dishes, and I washed this adorable sea horse plate I got at Old Navy this summer.

"I really like these plates," I said. "I should see if Old Navy has winter dishes. I want to replace the other old plastic plates. They're getting gross."

And Ashley just gave me an eyebrow. "You're getting married. If you buy any kitchen stuff in the next year you're crazy."

Right. That's why I didn't rush out on Black Friday for a cheap as hell Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Sigh.

And the ring is in! Pictures forthcoming, I promise.


nadarine said...

ah, the idea of a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer is almost enough to make me want to get married. Or enough to make me wish fervently for enough counterspace and electrical outlets to accomodate it, anyway.

Krystal said...

yes! the party was AWESOME! And where is the ring pictures? I want to show people! :) yeah!