Thursday, November 1, 2007


Happy All Hallows! I would've posted yesterday but I got a little carried away with, you know, loving Halloween. Unfortunately my original pumpkin had to be tossed out because it had complex organisms developing inside molded so fast! If I'm going to have carved pumpkins at my reception I'm going to figure out a good way to preserve the little devils. There is no way I'm gutting pumpkins the day before my wedding. Having orange goop crusted under my fingernails at my reception is a little too rustic for me.
But of course, Halloween Loving Shannon is now Hallowedding Loving Shannon, and so I found myself doing "research" all night.
I think one of my main concerns about having a Hallowedding, besides keeping it un-goth, is the children. We're not inviting a ton of kids, but there will be a couple of little ones (and even more medium ones) around, and I would hate for them to miss trick-or-treating just because their aunt-cousin-mom's friend had to go and get herself married. And, to wax selfish, I don't want a bunch of pictures of frowning, crying, candy-hungry children in my album.
So we decided that there will be a break between the ceremony and the reception for people to get into costume and, if necessary, do some treating. We're even going to give maps of surrounding safe neighborhoods to the out of towners so they can make some candy bank as well.
So a lot of my "research" yesterday revolved around when the trick or treating began, when it was heaviest, and when kids were most likely to find people at home, and hopefully we'll be able to plan everything so they'll get an hour or so of candy grabbing in before we stuff them full of cake.
And, oh yeah, more candy:Oh, the candy buffet is TOTALLY happening. Sure, it's trendy, but it's just so, so right.


Paul said...


I was just noticing your blog and have a few thoughts for you. To preserve pumpkins after carving, soak them in a bath of warm water and a lot of lemon juice. Or you can take a spray bottle of mostly lemon juice and spray the pumpkins (inside and out). This will let them keep for a couple of weeks. Also setting them in the fridge would help too.

Also, Around UNO (which I think is where you said you are having the reception, maybe) there are some malls (Westroads I know for sure) that have safe trick or treating for the younger kids. Old Market might also have something set up for them. That way kids and adults can find something to do in the down time.

GPHarkson said...

Thanks for the advice, Paul. The mall trick-or-treating is a great idea, and thank you for the pumpkin tips. I think I saw a Mythbusters-style test once where they tried a bunch of the common cures, but I forgot the best option.

One slight note, the proper hybridization of our first names is Shag. Because it's awesome.