Monday, November 12, 2007

wtf wedding edition

every once and a while I will browse a site full of wonderful ideas and great products and then I find something that just...isn't...right.

This little lady was part of a "good wedding hair" segment on aisledash.
I agree that the hair is very pretty and classic, probably something I should consider for myself, but is it just me or does this girl really REALLY look like a real doll?
Maybe it's the elbow or the blank stare but it is seriously creeping meright out.

AND THEN, excuse me, but is this not the most tasteless save the date magnet you've ever seen?


nadarine said...

i'd add that a save-the-date fridge magnet is a new level of tacky in itself. anything you place next to the pizza hut magnet on the freezer better offer free breadsticks. and too few weddings offer cheese bread.

oohshiny said...

An easy way to save money.. don't make STDs and just remind the hell out of everyone on MySpace and Facebook. Saves on postage, materials, etc...

That's what I did!

... and I completely forgot about save the dates... whatever.... People still showed up!

Shannon and Greg said...

I think I'm going to have to have save the dates for out of townies because it's a holiday...but I'm making Greg do 'em. Heh heh heh