Friday, November 16, 2007


I thought I was overestimating with the six hundred but I have 572 bookmarks for inspiration. Excessive.


oohshiny said...

So, I was looking at a website that had nomniations for the best book cover design, and one was a book called "One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding."

I would never buy the book, by the way. The author sounds like a bitch.

Anyway, one of the reviewers had the comment that if you mention the word "Wedding" prices skyrocket.

You know what would be awesome? Since you're having Hallowedding, tell vendors that it's not a wedding reception. It's a kick ass Halloween party. ESPECIALLY if you're getting flowers from somewhere. And then get a quote from somewhere else saying Wedding.

It would be interesting to see if places really do jack up the prices for a wedding.

I mean, really, you're having elaborate dead bride and groom costumes. But you want nice flowers because dead flowers suck.

oohshiny said...

Okay, I wasn't even LOOKING for wedding stuff, I SWEAR! But really!!

A photobooth at your reception. How awesome would that be? Sort of expensive, but wow, I really wish I had found this before!