Wednesday, May 7, 2008

THE DRESS, Part 3: Patience Rewarded

I believe the words you are looking for are "oooh" and "ahhhhh"

Those pleats? Those pleats make me look really skinny. They are my new best friends.


I must've seen pictures of this dress a million times, but I never bookmarked it or considered it in any way. This should teach us all a valuable lesson in keeping an open mind. And that sometimes, bridal dress consultants do have your best interest at heart.


Ashley said...

been meaning to ask you--

is the dress white?

Sister said...

Y'all have NO idea how great this looks on Shanno! Seriously, it looks so great, I asked if I could borrow it...shut up.
And, not to be gross or anthing, but Shannon did look like a super model in her undies and high heels. Bitch. I look like a smoked sausage in my undies.