Saturday, May 17, 2008

absolutely. positively.

Things Shannon MUST Have Done By Next Saturday:

1. Go to one of the local bridal stores that carry Alexia and double check colors/styles for bridesmaid dresses so they can be ordered--because that is supposed to happen NOW.

2. Call/make appointments with at least three possibilities for ceremony locations--because that is supposed to happen SIX MONTHS AGO. I would also like to go walk around downtown, starting at the reception site, to see if there is an awesome ceremony type place that I hadn't considered. If anyone wants to walk around downtown after five sometime next week with me, give me a text and you're totally invited. We will probably get ice cream.

3. If items 1 and 2 manage to actually be achieved, call some of our catering options and see if our date is open, and if so, arrange an interview with some of them.

4. Magically do this while continuing to work one full time job and two part time jobs and not die.

(however, even though these are things I should be doing at this point, we have a copy of The Wedding Book in the store and I am spending an awful lot of time browsing its lovely pages, reminding myself that I already have two wedding planning books and do not need another, especially now that I'm no longer in the planning stages, I am now in the ACTION STAGE)


Ashley said...

at least we don't really have much going on with respect right now, though! i would LOVE to go downtown with you--but can probably only do it on Tuesday after 6...what with cpr training and the show. let me know if that night tickles your fancy! you can let me know by talking to our house...which would be the more sensible thing for me to do...

SDJacksies said...

i think tuesday would be perfect!

(this is also something i could tell you at home...)

oohshiny said...

Okay, this might be completely crazy, but an idea -- would you get married in a theatre? I know that you can have ceremonies in the Orpheum, but I have no clue how much that would cost. And maybe the Blue Barn might be crazy. I don't know. Are you really looking at outdoors? Art galleries? The Jackson Artworks studio just reopened... I don't know, I'm just throwing crap out there. I think I sent you a link awhile ago to the city of Omaha website with some of those outdoor city park locations... Mt. Vernon gardens isn't too far from downtown. or Gerald Ford's birthplace.

AND it's like $75 for 2 hours. Not awful.

Okay. I'm done.
WAIT! Which ones are the bridesmaid dresses? You put up a link, but you don't show any dresses! C'mon. You're killing me.

oohshiny said...

By the way, I checked this site at my mom's house one day, so she tends to read your blog now too. Every once in awhile she comments on it to me. It kinda freaks me out. But hey, she knows stuff about my wedding.