Saturday, May 31, 2008

shoes! volume 1: ooh la la

This weekend I received my first stipend for working for Nebraska Shakespeare. I was thinking about how to best use this chunk of cash towards the wedding. Catering down payment? A wedding band for Mr Fiance? No, sons, I think some of this needs to go to shoes.

Not that I'm going to spend all of it on shoes, of course. But Zappos, Endless, and all give free shipping to and from, with 365 days to return. Meaning, I can order several pairs right now, try them on, take the top contenders to my fitting and return all the loozahs. Oh yes, yes I like this plan.
None of these will be amongst the contenders, however, even though I am IN LOVE WITH THEM, because they each cost more than twice what my most expensive pair of shoes costs.

Expensive = fancy frou frou velvet lace feathers jewels. And LOVE! Sweet, sweet love.

Maybe I should consider these. Halloween requires drama, you know?

POLKA DOTS...droooooooooooool

Wait, these are just shiny and pretty, why are they so expensive?

See, I'm not even sad that I can't afford these, I'm just happy they live in the world. Is that weird? It sounds weird.

Shoe 1, Shoe 2, Shoe 3, Shoe 4, Shoe 5, Shoe 6.

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