Sunday, June 1, 2008

shoes! volume 2: practical perfect

Okay, so the feathers and frou frou will not be making an appearance on my feet...probably. A little too expensive, a little too elaborate. But I will give you a preview of my current Zappos shopping cart, so you may anticipate their arrival as much as I am. I had an ENORMOUS list of possibilities, and then slowly--painfully--narrowed it down to four.

Basically, my shoe requirements were pretty simple:
1. Shorter Heels: I love the way heels improve my posture and poise, but in anything above 2.5" and I start to clomp around like a newborn pony.
2. Comfort: Obviously, everyone looks for comfort in their wedding shoe. This one was rough, however, since I had to eliminate any shoe that got nasty reviews for comfort. Which means a lot of shoes that I loved, deeply deeply desired in my heart, were eliminated.
Farewell, Touch Ups Sharmain. I hardly wore thee.
3. Color? I'm still considering white, and will be ordering two pairs of shoes that are in the ivory family, but color is...intriguing. I love color. Especially in shoes, where my pale skin doesn't come into play with things being flattering. Greg will be wearing red shoes, so I'm also considering shoes that are red or can be dyed red.

These are Nona by Touch Ups. It is a dyeable shoe, which is nice for post-wedding wear and could potentially go red, they are pleated (bonus!) and I think it's just begging for a shoe clip...perhaps a bit of feather frou would be possible after all! These look like they would stay put and have the most support, but looks can be deceiving. They only have one review, but it is positive. We shall see.
Presenting Favorly, by Nine West. This is one sexy shoe. Surprisingly, Zappos had many reviews for the Favorly and they all said it was very, very comfortable. That is pretty much the only reason I am considering these in white. I might not even order the above shoe's so...ivory. And why have ivory when you can have ORANGE SATIN:
OW! Look out, they might burn ya! I love love love these. And I'm thinking in person they might end up being a little more red, and could work with the red groom shoes. I may just order these and then, if they just won't work with the color, but are as comfortable as everyone says, I might send away for the cream option.
Oh Chinese Laundry. I have been a fan for a long time. And now you bring me Jaeger, with it's tiny little heel and pleats and candy apple red leather. These are Greg's favorite by far. They're a little plainer than I imagined the wedding shoe to be, but I could seriously rock these after the wedding is over. They're just really, really cute.

So hopefully I'll be getting a box from Zappos on Wednesday and then I'll be wearing these hot little numbers all over the place. Expect lots of booty shaking.


Sister said...

I like the orange ones!!! We could fashion something fancy and feathery to "embellish them"! Yea! I'm going to go to GI and try on the dresses if they have them. Then, I think I'll order mine from Loomis.

Ashley said...

Yeah! The orange ones are completely my fave. Adore.

Also, I think I will go try on dresses on Saturday! Huzzah!

Ashley said...

i also really really like the first ones...

katie said...

i also like the orange ones.
however, i am not also trying on a dress.
i promise i will get on this. soon.
but could you please give me a deadline to do this because i thrive on deadlines.
thank you.