Thursday, June 26, 2008

ceremony location: ACHIEVED!

Warning: lots of pictures. Not sorry about it, just warning you.

I know what you're thinking---Shannon, you never update. Shannon, you never plan. Shannon, you're running out of time.
(Which is true, of course. For those of you counting, 126 days. Four months. Fuckin' hell, you guys.)
You, Shannon, are a terrible bride.
Well, that may be true. But luckily, the terrible bride has an amazing groom. As I have said, Greg The Super Fiance plans like a madman on his days off, calling dudes and checking webs. And, as I have yet to say, we are currently in negotiations with all our vendors.
You read me right.
I.E., this wedding is ALMOST PLANNED. It is so on. So let's show some pictures!

For a long time, we were in negotiations with the Joslyn Art Museum, since it was very pretty and directly across the street from our reception venue, the Scouler ballroom.
We would have rented out the Strauss Bridge, which features the huge glass installation of Chihuly's "Inside and Out." (Eliminating the need to have any ceremony decorations whatsoever, for how could mere flowers compete with swirly blown glass goodness)
Unfortunately, an early miscommunication gave them the impression that we wanted to rent the space for the entire night...about six hours longer than we actually needed it. When we finally cleared it up, they said we could hold our wedding there, but it couldn't start until 6...which means, if we still did the break that we are planning to allow for trick or treating, costuming up, and of course pictures, we wouldn't offer food to our guests until 8 or 9 o'clock...which is a little late for families to be feeding their children, and would only allow a few hours for dancing. So we didn't go with them. I need lots and lots of dancing.

Then there was the Holland. The Holland Performing Arts Center is a beautiful, beautiful place that I will admit I've been eyeing since before ever being engaged. It is a drop dead gorgeous building. The archetecture is clean and modern and it has windows for days...but early price quotes and capacities made us think it was out our reach.
HOWEVER, as is often the case with this wedding, luck smiled upon us and we found a connection...Greg works at the building, and since he is amazing and sweet and our wedding is on a Friday, we got a deep, deep discount. I won't say how deep, but let's just say if it were a hole, we'd be shovelling magma.
The main lobby is where most weddings has an epically huge staircase and an amazing sculpture by Jun Kaneko. We both like the drama of the main staircase, but it is a little extreme for a tiny flower girl (and a klutsy bride in heels) to navigate. And, as breathtaking as the glass stairs are, minty green doesn't really go with the whole "autumn" vibe.But oh, there is another lobby just beside the grand lobby...a tiny, unassuming lobby
with floor to ceiling windowsand a more managable, but still effective, staircase
A sweet little intimate space where we can get married in style.

Oh, and the chairs that come with the rental are ORANGE.

Destiny man. Destiny.

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YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you!! So, what is there left to do?