Thursday, June 5, 2008

unforseen delay

YES, I tried on the shoes, and YES, one of the pairs was perfect. I have not posted about it yet because of a bit of circumstance--mainly, someone breaking into my car--has occupied my time with stinky non-wedding shoe related business.

Do not worry! Nothing was broken or stolen, in fact they actually left stuff in the car. Silly criminals.

But I'll post as soon as I can about shoes! And maybe I'll throw in some greeter penguin, since you've been so very patient.

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oohshiny said...

One night, I left my purse in my car. Unlocked. Because I'm a moron. And they took my debit card. Just my debit card, not any of the other credit cards, not CDs, not any of the other crap that was in there. And then they didn't even use it before we cancelled it. So really, it was just irritating, and I understand.