Saturday, June 7, 2008

god bless you zappos

I promise this is the last shoe post...for a while. I can't go cold turkey but I'll try to go lukewarm chicken for you.
...That sounded dirty.
First, let us discuss Nona, the saucy mink:
I lurve those pleats, obviously, but that Nona, she's a pincher. I'm sure I could've walked around in them for several hours without visibly limping, but they rubbed me the wrong way. Also, deep down, I know I wasn't meant to rock peep toes. I've got kind of chubby toes and chubby toes don't readily lend themselves to "peeping."
Oh man if I were in the market for every day shoes I would be all over these. They're crazy comfortable and super shiny, and even though they are pointy toed (which tend to make my size ten feet look witchy...and not in a cool hallowedding way) they looked really cute!
Also, check out the lining:
Pigs! What a fun little secret to keep in your shoe.

I wanted those shoes to work out. I liked the idea of Greg and I wearing red shoes together, and since they were just straight up pumps I could conceal all sorts of pads and doo-dads to make them the most comfy shoes ever. My only issue with the reds is the toe cleavage (see picture) which, again, is very cute on others but usually looks unintentional and chubby on me.

And as much as I love the reds...
Who can compete with orange satin? These shoes are so hot in person it almost felt adulterous to try them on. As soon as I opened the box Ashley and I both said "I like thooooooooose."
And they're comfortable! The most comfortable of the three! I could walk in these, I could run in these, and you know I'm going to dance in these...I think whenever you wear these shoes you automatically learn the samba.

So of course, I'm going with orange...Greeter Penguin, could you add some fanciness to this decision please?
(Notice the shoe explosion around Greeter Penguin. This is not posed, this is just the state of our entryway. Or you could say all the other shoes are bowing down to the awesomeness of these shoes. Even you, jelly shoes. Even you.)


nadarine said...

OMFG yesssssss orangey-red sparkly satin yessssssssssssss!

Excellent choice.

oohshiny said...

I have some wedding pictures you need to see.

And Orange shoes sound perfect :)

oohshiny said...

Before I forget:

She's the one that took the wedding pictures I said you need to see. I might be able to find some of Megan's online. She's the one who got married at the Slowdown, so she has quite a few pictures in the Old Market, but not necessarily ones that everyone thinks of...

oohshiny said...

I did. June 4th on her blog.

Okay, I swear, I'm stopping now.

oohshiny said...

I think the photographer likes Jesus a lot, too.


I kind of hope you have a photographer. Otherwise I'm going to start researching those for you further.

SDJaxies said...

HOLY COW THAT WEDDING WAS IN OMAHA? I saw the pictures on Offbeat Bride and totally loved them, I didn't even know they were local!

We're considering a couple of photogs right now, and hopefully we'll make that decision in the week! We're so close to having all our vendors...I can't wait!