Thursday, May 8, 2008

mrs in action

This is a pump from the Kenneth Cole REACTION line, it is called Mrs In Action. I want this shoe very badly for several reasons:
1. It has the most adorable name for a wedding shoe ever.
2. It is pleated, like my dress.
3. All reviews say you can stand in this shoe for hours without pinching.
4. I think I could actually keep my foot in this shoe.

I've had this link in my bookmarks for months now, but now it would appear that no one on the internet carries the shoe in ivory anymore. Probably a bunch of stinky brides scooped them up. The bronze (a perfectly reasonable option for your hallowedding bride) appears to be constantly on clearance, but to only exist in a size six, which is maybe the most infuriating thing ever?

Oh wait...further exploration found ivory AND bronze ones on to a size 8.5. Well, if any of my bridesmaids want a kick ass bronze shoe, go for it. It'll look really great.


1 comment:

Ashley said...

Damn huge feet. They won't fit me either!