Monday, August 11, 2008


It's time for another edition of If I Were Having A Different Wedding!

This episode is devoted to The Backdrop or "Cascade" Necklace.
A backdrop necklace is traditionally pretty short and simple in the front with a long chain of beads or pearls hanging down the back of the neck. It's simple yet dramatic and just an incredibly sexy piece of jewelry. I love them.
I could rock one of these at my wedding, but I don't think it would look as good with my "look" as that of more modern brides. Better with a backless dress, or maybe something sheath-like (neither of which would work on my body).So I can't rock them myself...but maybe certain bridesmaids with recently shortened hair would like them...perhaps.

These pretty, dramatic necklaces are from etsy seller Cathy5591.
Many more options can be found by searching for "cascade necklace" or "backdrop necklace" in all colors and you know, if you often wear open backed clothes, you could just pick one up for every day prettiness.

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