Sunday, August 3, 2008

bridesmaid jewelry I: matching the bracelet

This post goes out to my ladies! And anyone who might care about jewelry for my ladies! And people who like jewelry, who are probably ladies or open minded dudes!

And it is massive. I apologize. So massive that I'm splitting it into sections to save your poor, poor minds.

I am incredibly open to jewelry, the same as I am to shoes--wear what makes you feel pretty and comfortable! There are a couple of different ways they can go.

One, they can match the bracelets that my mom and I are making. I don't have pictures (yet) but they're made with clear crystal beads that are flat and long and the setting is silver. Any clear beads would probably look nice with them. Clear beads are also the most matchable (they match everything! They're clear!) and the most re-wearable (they match everything! They're clear!)

A great option for those of us who want lots of sparkle without going overboard.

from featherings

from emmommy

from shy siren (one of my favorites--I think these would match the bracelets perfectly)

from fischersandreeth

from lulidesigns

from carmen monique

from white iris studio

from kristen friesen

from ana ramon

from tztudio (another one of my delicate and pretty!)

from handwired

from opheliax

from holly gems (adorable, fun and flirty, and not too terribly fancy. I just want these earrings for my life, if not my wedding.)

All earrings ever brought to you by etsy, the world of crafty art.

Up next, matching the dress!


Ashley said...

all of my favorites are sold out already.

etsy, you make me so sad.

SDJaxies said...

a lot of etsy stores will show a "sold out" sign, and then have the product somewhere else in the store. if not, you can message the seller and ask them if they can make a new pair--many can and are willing to do so.