Monday, August 4, 2008

bridesmaid jewelry II: matching the dress

For those of you who wondered why I wasn't posting, allow me to continue present the massive research for bridesmaid jewelry. It is divided into sections, section one focusing on clear beads to match their hand-made bracelets, and this one to focus on beads that will match their dresses.

The dresses are purple and orange. Girls who are really into wedding color coordination can wear jewelry that matches their dress or they could wear the opposite color to show how sassy they are. And these are very pretty, vivid colors. Who wouldn't want orange and purple jewelry for their everyday life?

Now, most of these options are purple, but plenty of orange exists in the world, as well as ambers and warm rich yellows, any of which would look fantastic. If you find a style you like on etsy, lots of times they can re-create it in a color of your choosing. All of these are just suggestions of course. I have nothing but faith in these girls. Their style is immaculate.

from clopezdesigns

from a finishing touch

with matching earrings:
from fishers and reeth

from a finishing touch
from a finishing touch

from jenny trinh (yes, these are blue, but she says they're available in more colors, including deep purples and oranges and yellows)
from jenny trinh

from opheliax

from holly gems
(oh look! They come in purple as well! Perhaps the purple clusters would look a little too "grape-like" for some, but again, I think they're adorable and I lust after them)

Once again all jewelry found by etsy, the world of crafty art.

Up next, matching the theme!

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