Wednesday, October 22, 2008

flowers: ACHIEVED! and GORGEOUS!

You know what cheers up your day and stops pre-wedding freakouts in their tracks? Getting a big ol' box full of beautiful flowers in the mail!
These were done by my amazing, new favorite cousin Missy. Missy is a super person. She did the flowers for both her sisters' weddings, and when my mom suggested that maybe she could do it for ours too, man, was I ever sold. Oh, and she's also flying in on Sunday to help me with all the last minute wedding barf I'm gonna have to do. Bonus: she and my mom are like besties. So we'll have a lot of fun together.
I sent her a big box a few months ago with my mock up bouquet in it, some inspiration sheets, and some extra ribbon. If you don't remember what my bouquet used to look like, here's a reminder:
And here it is, fleshed out (sorry about the shitty's been a rainy ugly mess around here the last few days)
She added more feathers and put in some of those spikey dijon-colored flowers to tie it in with the bridesmaids bouquets, the bouquets which make me cry sometimes because I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH
During the same trip where I made my bouquet, we found these...weird...floral sticks at Hobby Lobby, and we thought they'd make pretty arm bouquets for the girls. Here's the inspiration picture:
(pretty, but doesn't go with our color scheme)
And here are all my attempts to properly capture their lovliness, having no one at home to help me:
I suppose if you look in the top picture it gives an okay idea about what they look like whole. My photography skills were just not working their magic yesterday.
The boys bouts were a little more difficult, since I didn't really have any inspiration. I sent her this inspiration page (I made one of these for all the flowers, but this one needed the most explanation since there was no explanation)
Basically, I like bouts with a non-flower element somewhere on them. I thought since I had feathers in my bouquet, they could tie into the bouts somewhere too, or maybe sticks, because of the girls. I was very vague and non-committal to my bout vision, thank god Missy is talented or who KNOWS what we could've ended up with.
Bout box.
The standard bout. Simple flower with twirly stick thingy and a few feathers. When Missy comes she wants to wrap the stems in ribbon to make them a little more cohesive.
Here is Greg's bout. It is fancier since he is the most important. It's about the same as the others, it just has two flowers and another kind of feather.

The corsages are still up in the air, since Missy wanted to actually see my mom's dress first, so we'll be making those next week. After my totally upsetting day yesterday, this box totally picked me up.

UPDATE: also, this appears to be the talent mom just called and another one of my cousins, Luke, and his (now wife!*) Paige used to freelance as reception decorators down in Texas. Sooooo we are exploiting that tie as well.

*they eloped to Vegas, the sneaky butts. Or, more likely, the genius butts.

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