Wednesday, October 15, 2008

photographers: achieved!

or, alternately: FINALLY, JESUS.'ve probably been wondering about photographers. After all, the photog is very very high on the list of things you acquire in wedding planning. I'm pretty sure the order is such:
1. find a fiance
2. find a venue
3. find a photographer.

After all, the pictures are all you really have to show all the hard work you have done after the day is over. And good photographers are in high demand, so you gotta get this shit nailed down.
So we should've had these guys booked last December or so.
Am I just that lazy that I haven't mentioned our photographer before now?
Wish I could say that was the case.
Cover poor Martha's ears, because her poor brain might explode:
We signed a contract with our photographers.
Yes, sixteen days before the wedding.

This wedding brought to you by procrastination.

We decided to go with these guys a long time ago--like, in June--but through a lot of procrastination and misunderstandings we didn't have an actual contract. We were considering two other candidates, who I would also like to mention because they are both spectacular, and even if they didn't work for us, they could work for someone else.
Becky Novacek is currently getting some internet press for her pics of the somewhat famous wedding (by wedding blog standards) of Princess Lasertron.
Aren't they gorgeous?

I love love love her pictures. I think one of the only reasons we ruled her out was because she doesn't have a partner, and it was kinda important to us to have a team. Teams allow for multiple shoots and multiple angles.

Amelia Peterson was in one of my classes last semester, and she actually contacted us about our wedding. She works with her friend C.Lynne. They either work as double photographers or sometimes Amelia works as a videographer (check out the videos, very cute).

(They capture the most amazing pictures of children--a big draw since there will be many many little ones at this shindig)

Really, Amelia's team was very close to being our photographers. Their prices are incredibly reasonable and they seem to have a lot of fun with their pictures. Also, I like Amelia. She's sweet.

But once we really looked at the pictures in the Justin Limoges was too late. My heart was gone.
These are all pictures from Vince and Sarah, our friends who got married in February.

One of the most amazing getting ready pictures I've ever seen. And this one actually took my breath away:It really captures the anticipation of the moment.

Perhaps I'm biased but this one is ADORABLE:
And this one is just extra funny if you know Vince and Sarah.

Fish eye!
This, this right here, this is why it was essential that we have two photographers:
How amazing is that?
Justin and his partner Luke really have a lot of fun with weddings, and our meeting today really got me excited. In the short half hour we met we discussed pictures, bush men, and the possibility of one of them wearing my dress and riding a bicycle. You know, the usual.
I love them, I love their pictures. I can not WAIT for them to shoot our wedding.

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brother mike said...

I just perused your photographer's website - looks like they will do an awesome job! Make sure you get lots of fisheye shots!!!