Friday, July 18, 2008

Fashion Show! Fashion Show! Fashion Show at 2 AM!

So we've got shoes. We've so got shoes.

My wedding shoes (and the groomsmen wedding shoes) are slip-on Converse. They were on sale, because Converse had this great idea to take out their laces and put elastic under the tongue in this particular model, which it turns out went over like McCain at the NAACP. We're going to put laces on these, and they're part of my gift package to my groomsies, but I'm really happy with the look. What may not come across in the picture is that the stripe around the sole is brown as well. We'll probably be wearing brown socks with these. Here they are with Shannon's shoes.

I'm really happy with this purchase, and Converse has been beyond fantastic. As if by destiny, I won some kind of sweepstakes and got a $70 giftcard as my prize. I used that on their site, there were some issues with the order on their side, and I initially was only sent half of the needed shoes. But they handled the issue within 12-hours of me reporting it, and shipped the missing half of the order 2nd-day air at no extra charge. The "missing" shoes actually got here before the first half. But I really can't recommend Converse enough. They're a big company, but they clearly care about their customers, even the ones who happen to find the perfect shoes in the clearance section.

The suits are coming along really nicely, I just need one final size (which I'll be getting tomorrow, thanks Davey!) and Men's Wearhouse will be able to pull in the very few remaining suits (literally four left in the entire company in some needed sizes) for the wedding. You can check them out here. I included them in previous suit posts, but they're finally at the right price for this wedding. We are asking the groomsmen to buy the suits, but a rental costs about 60% of this price anyhow, and you actually get something to keep for the money. There are rental options available in brown, but they're kinda clunky tuxedoes, which is not my style or what I want for the wedding. We'll be wearing standard white Oxford shirts with neckties, orange for my brothers and I, purple for Ben and Justin. Additionally, and really above all else, they're really nice suits.

Other than that we've just got to pay the 50% deposit and signed contract for the ceremony venue by the end of the month and we're going to be in excellent shape. Then it's cake, registration, and invites. There's a draft of the invitation that's coming alone nicely, with contributions from both Shannon and myself, we just have to finalize some graphical elements and fonts and then tackle the text mountain that we're making out of the back. We're operating on a theme of a carnival/sideshow flier, with really whimsical text and typography, while still trying to be stylish and classy. I think you'll all like it quite a lot. I've even got a pipe dream for heat activated secret messages, but I probably shouldn't tempt fate by sending people important pieces of paper with elements they can only read with fire.

Oh, and I do need to update you on the aforementioned Rehearsal Dinner space. Short story is that we couldn't get The Matt. They'd already arranged a booking for that night, so it was heartbreakingly unavailable. But we found a secondary option that is going to cost us no money to rent and a comfortable amount for food and drink. More on that once negotiations complete.

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