Saturday, July 12, 2008

small bits of wedding brain goo

Strangest. Title. Ever.

I have been making wedding headway. I do have things to blog about. I swear. I just...can't yet, for whatever reason. For example, we have met with a caterer and he has sent us an AMAZING menu, but we haven't signed the contract yet so I don't want to jinx it. We're working on invitation proofs, but I kinda want those to be a surprise for the guests (she says now...but will probably post them immediately after they are finished). Also, I WANT A DRESS FITTING. But the people at Jasmine Bridal are being slow as with sending my threads...or something.

So here are a couple of little wedding bits that aren't really post-worthy but can still be mentioned, just so I don't neglect and lose you all

1. Being engaged has made me much better at directions. Even though I'm in my mid-twenties, I still, on occasion, had to do the little "L = left" hand gesture to figure out my directions. I'm not stupid, it's just not something my brain wraps itself around. But now I'm like BAM! That direction is left. And there is no question. Because left now equals engagement ring finger. And right equals lack of diamonds.

2. When you are engaged you care about the STUPIDEST SHIT IN THE UNIVERSE. I'm not just talking about embossed napkins and ice sculptures. Any time any one mentions any thing that is wedding related, my ears perk up. And I will talk with people with whom I have nothing in common for hours about weddings. I want to talk to all the customers at the store about weddings. I want to ask all the married people I know about their wedding. And I want to see the pictures. It's ridiculous because it totally warps your entire mindset. It's like having children, only instead of a total lifestyle change and huge responsibility you're really only obsessing about one day. This is shallow, but I still love it. It worries me. It worries me all the time.

3. When I notice the expiration date on food or makeup or whatever, I always check to see if it expires before or after I am married.

4. Holy shit you guys, I'm getting married.

5. What worries me is paying for all this shit. I know it's going to be cool, I know we can all pull it off together, but sometimes I just get horrible stomach aches when I realize how much weddings cost.

6. I am so so so excited to actually be married. My wedding nightmares recently have revolved around us failing to get a marriage license, or being unable to do so, etc., so the wedding goes off without a hitch but we're not actually married. That is what I want. I want to be married...and I want to throw one kick-ass party to celebrate that fact.

7. This post has the most swearing of any hallowedding post ever. Also, very possibly, the most italics.

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oohshiny said...

Shan, I got married two years ago and I'm still obsessed with weddings.

Hopefully I can move further on to babies soon...