Thursday, July 24, 2008

missing the point

So, a side story about our registry and towels:

First, I have to say that the wedding registry, or the promise of soon having a registry, has affected my life. When a household item stops functioning, especially a kitchen tool, I will usually refuse to buy a new one. That is what the registry is for, and the money I would spend on these things should really go towards wedding stuff like CANDY. My towels are suffering at the moment. They're not shredded yet but they are thoroughly, deeply used.

Secondly, When you register pretty much anywhere, you get what is essentially a souped up inventory gun. It might not even be souped up. It is probably just the same gun they use for inventory. You scan and item and tell the little gun how many you want of something and it goes on the registry. It also tells you how much the item costs, and whether or not it will be in regular stock or if it's just a seasonal item (we tried to avoid most of the college stuff but I think some of it snuck on there...)

Anyway, so we were registering for towels. I had my eyes on the very fancy damask ones because they're just incredibly gorgeous towels.
But they're kind of expensive and I knew we would just end up destroying them and using them to dry off the dog or something, so we looked around more and found a very affordable but still very pretty line of plainer towels. I of course liked the green, Greg liked a stripe, and we also found a coordinating teal blue that we thought would round it out nicely. So we scan the towels, and when we get to the teal ones the little gun goes "BOOP!" and says "This item has limited availability and might not be available in all stores. Continue?" And we said sure, figuring it was a discontinued color or whatever. And then when it came up on the screen, it said
"Towel: $1.84"
And Greg said, "What? Is that towel two dollars?"
So we took it over to the little scanner doohickey that they hang at the end of aisles in Target and checked and yep, the full size, super soft bath towel was $1.84. There were no sale signs, no clearance tag. They just lowered the price and never told anybody.
So we registered for the other towels and then bought the cheap ones. They gave us a weird look when we turned in our gun with a big pile of towels. They were like, you want to buy these? But you could just click them and have someone else do it...

So I now have a few nice towels and they're WONDERFUL. And this is maybe the dumbest post on here ever but I thought it was neat.


Jen said...

I'm glad you're not crazy.

Jen said...

Also, confused as how I go back and forth from Jen and oohshiny...

SDJaxies said...

WOOOOOOOOOW. that's so...american.