Thursday, September 4, 2008

10 Pictures of Shannon and Greg

Thanks, facebook! These are the ten greatest pictures I found on the internet...a little fluff for your Thursday. So, in no particular order:

Love in an Elevator
Taken on one of the first days of school in 2004--we finally lived in the same city and it was pretty great. Even though we had been dating for like eight months this is around the first time we called each other boyfriend and girlfriend. Aw, kids. Also, yes, this is what it looks like when you grow out your bangs poorly. Learn from my failures.

I Can Make Your Casse-role
This was taken through a basement window at a party a couple of years ago. People were dancing in the basement and Greg and I took a break. Apparently someone brought a potato casserole (I think Rachel Samson) and we ate it out of keg cups. As college kids are wont to do.

St. Pat's at the Max
St Patrick's day two years ago, at The Max. Greg shaved his head for a show in February and it was finally growing back--a lot of our cutest pictures are from the "Greg has incredibly short hair" phase of our relationship.

"This is how I eat cupcakes all the time!"
Ah, the FAUST Hell Banquet. I think this sums up a lot of our relationship right here. One of us acts kooky, the other makes an accepting but pained face. We make it work.

We took this picture to give to our families a few years ago. We forgot about it until the last minute and underneath our warm wooly coats we are totally wearing pajamas. It's like three in the morning.

We Are The Ones Who Have The Fun
Yes, it looks like we're on a roller coaster, but we are actually just on a hayrack ride at the pumpkin patch. It was kinda rainy. Apparently that was adventure enough.

Spring break in Austin during SxSW, at the VIP party for Blender. Probably the night we saw Nelly McKay. See what I'm saying about the no hair and the cute pictures? Yes, we are both very drunk, but I love it--is Greg snorgling me in this pic, or passing out a little bit?...little of column A, little of column B

Karaoeke Queens
We didn't sing karaoeke together for years into our relationship, but once we started we unleashed a powerful force that has been rocking the socks off the Omaha scene ever since. Usually we sing Danger! High Voltage, but this particular picture was snapped during the second round of a fundraising contest, and we're starting Styx's Renegade.
It is widly believed that we were robbed of the crown, but whatever, we know our station.

Of Course It's On Here
I love this picture for many, many reasons. One, obviously, it is one of the first pictures after we got engaged, and it sums up most of the engagment in one picture: he asked on a pumpkin and I said yes. The Burger King is left out of it. But I also love Greg's face in this picture because it is ADORABLE, and also the fact that his shirt says "Feelings are Boring, Kissing is Awesome"

And I know I said there was no particular order, but I did save the best for last. From when we did Man of La Mancha together, and I played a nasty old lady and he played a jerk in pumpkin pants.....

If we aren't going to make an amazing married couple, I don't know who stands a chance in this crazy world.

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i love you two.