Thursday, September 18, 2008

naked finger

As the wedding swiftly approaches, things are getting done (what a novel wedding stuff before the wedding. Awesome idea, Shan) but sometimes being on the ball has it's consequences. Yesterday I gave away my engagement ring. And by that I mean I gave it back to the lovely folks at Custom Gems so they can make me a weddin' band.
As you know, Greg had my engagement ring custom made using (among other things) diamonds from my mom's wedding band. Here is probably the clearest picture I have ever taken of it--it's white gold with sparkly diamonds so it usually just appears as a big blob of shiny. If you click on it you can really clearly see it.
(this a post-shower picture of my presents from super rockstar Jenny Lassley. I took pics of the presents so i could remember things for my thank you cards later, and because I'm craaaaazyyyy)

Well as much as I love my ring, finding a wedding band to fit under it's strange curly shape is pretty much impossible. We considered many options: wearing a band under it, getting a plain band and switching my e-ring to my right hand, getting a fancy band and only wearing the band on fancy occasions, etc. It seems it took forever for us to realize that if Custom Gems could make us a custom ring to fit our diamonds, it could make a custom band to fit that same ring.
Why must we always try to reinvent the wheel over here?
So I dropped off the ring and they'll make a mold of it, then use that mold to make a band that will fit my ring.

I'm very excited for this to happen, but I miss my ring terribly. Especially since in the last year I have developed a habit of twirling it with my thumb whenever I drive, and now I'm just scratching at my bare finger. I also miss having something to subtly flash at boys who get a little too chatty at the store. Now there's no visual proof that I am taken and nothing for me to fiddle with all day and it's driving me nuts.

I would like to say, however, that Custom Gems rocks my shit, and if you have any custom jewelry needs, it is veeeerry reasonable. I won't say how reasonable, but it'll blow the socks right off your feet for sure.


Jen said...

I went and bought a ridiculous replacement ring from Target for the time that my ring was gone. It wasn't the same, but at l east there was something on my hand!

SDJaxies said...

i may have to do just that...especially if i don't have it back for the bachelorette party!

Jen said...

Wait, don't you have that giant spider ring that Greg gave you? Too flashy for every day wear?