Wednesday, September 3, 2008

french paper: breakin' my heart

As I have hinted, we are designing our own invitations. They will be done and mailed out next week! Designing your own invitations is easy and fun if you know your way around a photoshop (if you don't, ask a friend who does as a wedding present to you...totally worth it!) You get to decide absolutely everything...and you get to pick the paper.

My love of paper could be considered...excessive. I've spent hours looking at paper. And my very very favorite place is French Paper. Their website is beautiful, it's easy to find what you want, and it's really not that expensive for fancy-pants paper. They divide their site sort of by the mood of the paper, and my favorite section is the dur-o-tone paper: "rugged, hard working sheets." This is where the kraft paper is, that dark brown speckled paper they use to wrap packages and we use to make patterns in the costume shop. We have decided to go with this kind of paper, mostly because it is cheap and goes really nicely with the vaudvillian aspect (our wedding invitations have a vaudvillian/circus theme. That's normal, right?) If we hadn't chosen to go with kraft paper, I was lusting after the dur-o-tone butcher orange, which is smoky and warm and makes me go all fluttery, and can be seen to the left.
It's basically just orange kraft paper, and we wanted to get the invites printed before they would be able to get our paper to us, and it just didn't end up working out. So we're going with kraft, which means yes, our invitations are brown and industrial looking, and yes, I'm okay with that, in fact I think they look pretty boss.

But that is not the heartbreak--the pain is in the fact that french paper offers envelopes in the beloved orange butcher paper, but they only offer them in A6 and A7--which, to those of you not obsessed with paper and wedding invitations, are not big enough to hold the half sheet invitations we have designed. So no pretty orange envelopes for me.

But I think we need color in the envelope because the kraft paper is so stark, so I'm searching out some rare A8 envelopes that will have punch and pizzazz and still be here by the beginning of next week.

Impossible you say? Maybe, but I have to try!

At the moment the only orange options I am finding are BRIGHT orange. Heinous orange. Astrobright orange. It's not pretty. But as soon as I find our envelopes, we will have these suckas OUT the DOOR, and I can post more about our process.

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