Monday, September 29, 2008

bachelorette party

So...I may have had my bachelorette party last Saturday. There may have been a limo. And a penis cake.
We were all very shocked by the penis cake, especially since it was made by one of the sweetest girls alive.

And a bag full of condoms with dares written on them (not pictured).
There was DEFINITELY booze. Siiiiiigh. Lots of booze. And some of my most favorites in the whole world.

I can't really imagine what is was like for the people who weren't me, or the girls in the limo. I'm talking about the british guys who made me do like four jello shots, everyone I drunk dialed (many of whom I have forgotten...yeah, sorry), and all the people who went to look at my e-ring and all they saw was a big ass spider.

I marvel at my ability to, at 1 in the morning, many many drinks to the wind, manage to look up a number in the phone book, dial, order a pizza, AND give a credit card number, but couldn't remember the address of the building (I used to live in it, that Miss Oh lives in now.) I believe the poor schmuck had to listen to a lot of "Oh hell, it's's on *this street* and *this street* okay? It's white? Or cream? There are dogs inside, okay? Apartment....five? Or six? Dammit where's Ashley?"
I want to thank everyone who worked together to make the night possible--I LOVED IT. It was everything a bach party oughtta be. There are more pictures roaming around in other people's cameras. We'll just see how those turn out.

(That is my drunk face, obvs.)


Ashley said...

i adore that last picture of the two of you. SO HAPPY!

lets have another bachelorette party!!!

okay...maybe, i can't actually stomach it, but still.

Ashley said...

it is your wedding month!

Jen said...

Hey, did you notice that all the Jens that were invited to the bachelorette party didn't actually go out to the bars? I noticed. Man, Jens must be lame or something.