Friday, December 7, 2007

again with the target?

I have been left alone at my office job to answer phones while everyone else is at a faculty meeting. That means internet funtimes. And internet funtimes equals pictures.

Let us address the bridesmaid dress issue. My ultimate hope for the girls' dresses is for them to NOT be bridesmaid dresses. BM dresses (ha, bm!) are notoriously poorly made and over priced, and are kind of unwearable. There are a couple of REALLY CUTE versions that disprove this theory but they are $150 to $300 dollars and I'm just not going to do that to one of my friends. That's just ridiculous. I'm limiting myself to the $75 and under range...and they'll only be $75 if they're really ridiculously gorgeous.
jcrew has a lot of adorable options (a few of which are in the $150 range and will therefore will not be mentioned, but are still much beloved)

This one is about $80 but is circling the sale drain and will probably go down. I think it's a really flattering cut and will probably be the highest quality.

There are also a couple of similar styles in the Anne Taylor celebrations collection that frequently go on sale for about this price. I think this style has major rewearability, but might be a little too popular...a brown tea length dress is not as sensible if you have more than one, you know?
(Yes, blogger, I know "rewearability" is not a word. But neither is "internets." Just go with me here)
So of course, since this is my wedding and I apparently like to buy my life at Target, I started looking around their website and I've got to say, I'm intrigued. Very, very intrigued. Most of these dresses are $40, some are cheaper. And Target makes some cute stuff. Actually if I could get the t-back dress Ashley wore to our engagement party in other colors, that would be a major contender for either the bridesmaids or even myself.
Here is another variation on the classic shown above, only with a pencil skirt. I love pencil skirts. But they don't look good on everyone, so maybe not.

This option is similarly sleek, but with a little bit of lace. If my dress has lace, this could be a cute way to go. It'll also make the dress a little more different.

Is this dress not adorable? I'm so in love with it. The navy version is in our Target and I constantly stop by to say Ooooooooh to it. The only problems I could see with this dress are that it could potentially be a fuller skirt than my own dress (again, why does this not come in white?!) and also, it's made of that weird taffeta that has an almost woodgrain pattern on it. Since I make costumes I should probably know what that's called but I just always call it woodgrain fabric. Meh.

I looooooove this one. Look at how much fun the girl is having in this picture. I see nothing wrong with this dress. It is also goes very well with the sort of fifties ish feel we're wanting and would look darling on all the girls.

Of course, just like Greg's post about the suits, this is something that can't be decided until I find my dress. Which, if I want to REALLY stay on budget and have a forty dollar wedding dress, Target has some ideas about that one too:

So, if you were in my wedding, which would you rather wear?


Sister said...

I like the first one or the last brown one! But, really, the first one. I think that with my abundant hips and beer gut, that pencil skirts would look hedius!! (I think that's how you spell it!)
But, it's your wedding, I'm married, and anything is better than the pink one I bought for $150 for Christy's wedding!!! Love you lots, sister!!

Ashley said...

I'd say I love the first one most too, because unless my body is totally banging at that point (and lets give up the hope that it ever will be), pencil skirts might look squishy. plus, we may not be able to effectively bust out dance moves in them. and the more floofy bottoms don't look THAT awesome on the body, even if they are amazing dreses.

but whatevs. we'll all look terrific, no matters.

oohshiny said...

If you look at, I think there are a couple decent dresses at a pretty big discount in the sale section...

Krystal said...

I agree with both comments! The first one or the last one! But seriously, dresses are just cute all the way around. Dress shopping is fun. Road trip dress shopping is fun. We should road trip.