Saturday, December 22, 2007

that's it, we're goin' to lincoln!

Good morning!
I had plans, big plans about me staying in bed until 9 a.m. this morning, but after letting the dog out for his morning wee I thought, oh, I'll just check the old email to see if there's anything that needs dealing with. There were weddingy emails in there, which make me happy, and then I'm like, oh, a quick pop over some of my favorite wedding blogs and back to bed!
Uh, no. No, that isn't going to happen anymore.
Okay, so it's not like I haven't heard of Watters before. I'm sure I have a dozen of their dresses in my inspiration bookmarks. But someone linked to them and I was all over their site...short dresses, dresses with sleeves, oh my god such prettiness! The downside: the only place around that carries their dresses is in Lincoln (about 45 min away) which isn't too far but...sigh. My maid of honor is modeling in a bridal show this month and she has tried on more dresses than me. Bad bride! Get thee to a fittery!
Anyhoo, you guys want pretty pictures, right? I KNOW I DO! But I can't make them work and I need to go Christmas shopping. So I'll go Christmas shopping, I'll try to post the pretty pictures later, but until then here are the LINKS to the pretty pictures, if you're interested:

Where did they get this shawl,
does it come in white and how fast can it be at my wedding?

I even like some of their long styles. I think I want straps or sleeves on my dress, just to minimize the pulling/back fat problem most brides have with strapless. Great, another quality I want in a wedding dress that NOBODY EVER HAS EVER. Baaaaaah.

BUT-Watters has a lot of dresses with sleeve and straps and SHORT DRESSES! Some of them are obviously too springy, but this one looks very fall fashion and fifties courthouse. Can we talk about the fact that there's a jacket? And lace? I know it would probably make me look matronly and would look terrible on me but I kind of love it. Is it okay if I kind of love it? Because I do.

And finally, bridesmaids look away, lest your hearts be broken:
I love this bridesmaid dress SO MUCH.
But I know Watter's bridesmaid dresses run in the 125-200 range. It comes in off-white, I guess, so maybe I could have it, but oh god. Oh it is the prettiest. If I can only post one picture later it will be that one.

We're going to Lincoln to try on dresses. We must!

Speaking of the bridesmaids, there is one I haven't asked yet! Because I wanted it to be personal and she lives in Maine and I never see her and now I don't think I'll be around when she's around for the holidays. Whoops. How tacky would a facebook bridesmaid invite be? So tacky, I know...but I might just have to.


oohshiny said...

You've got me reading weddingbee again. Anyway, I have no idea what you guys were thinking for centerpieces, but I wish I had seen this when I was planning mine

The first one, where they go and find all the glasses to pour wax in? I think that's a fun idea and not nessarily expensive.

I am also obsessed with glass vases and things right now. So you can totally disregard this.

BTW, I asked her to be one of my bridesmaids over the phone... I couldn't wait to get back to Nebraska to start planning all that.

I wish I could help you more!

oohshiny said...

Oh, and if you want, I can ask Kelsey to be one of your bridesmaids. She mentioned that she saw you at the mall the other day. Lucky you she didn't waste your life by trying to talk to you!

Merry Christmas!

Ashley said...

I have her mailing address, if you want to send her something.

And she's in town tomorrow, so after you work?

Krystal said...

That dress was SO AMAZING... i just peed myslef a little!