Sunday, December 30, 2007

like martha stewart needs my dollars

I bought my first wedding magazines today!

I know, right? Half of you read that sentence and said "You haven't bought any yet, are you crazy?" and the other half thought "Jesus, so?!"

I thought I didn't want to buy any...the internet is such a valuable resource and the magazines just seem to cater to the kind of wedding I am not having, and I thought, who needs em? I've got like fifty wedding blogs I can read every day for free, suckas!
But (and on hallowedding there is always a but) I was kind of expecting Santa to bring me a bridal magazine this year AND HE DIDN'T. And a few days after Christmas I thought, boo, Santa. You should've bought me a wedding magazine. Well, today I FINALLY got my refund check for financial aid (only five months late...great job, university system!) and I said "I'm doin' it!"

You guys, I was wrong about wedding magazines. Wedding magazines are. So. Fun.
And pretty.
And unlike, say, Cosmo, where I always wonder where the content is hiding under all the ads, in bridal magazines, the ads are the best part! and everybody knows it! and everyone is okay with it! It's kind of like a Playboy...if you do end up reading the articles they're really good but if you just look at the pictures you'll get off just fine.
Sorry Mom. Sorry Jesus. That was inappropriate.

But back to weddings, these things are huge! I sat paging through one for over an hour and I'm only half way through--and I was flying through that bad boy. So I still have half of Modern Bride and a whole Martha Stewart Weddings left to go. Remind me that I have things I need to get done in the next week...lots and lots of things. If you see me sitting in a chair, folding over pages, ask me if my costumes for the Moving Company are done. That should get me up pretty fast.

Oh, and Greg and I spent a good chunk of a car trip to Wichita talking wedding shop and we have a LOT figured out. I'll also be doing some quick posts about Christmas gifts that are doubling as wedding prep presents and how I managed to bank AGAIN on post-holidays sales. Hallowedding stuff in post-Christmas clearance: it is a MADHOUSE. Target is a MADHOUSE.

Goodnight internet.


Ashley said...

what did you figure out???? want to know!

and DUH on the wedding magazines. I've known they were awesome since I was 19 and started buying them.

Yeah, deal with it.

Anonymous said...

yaaaaaaay! everything is so pretty! (also, i'm not sure how you HAVEN'T bought those mags yet, cause i am sort of waiting until the days when i can purchase them without me looking like a crazy cause i'm clearly not getting married....)

ashley said...

katie! it is officially not crazy to buy wedding magazines when you are not engaged and not seeing anyone. if you had a boyfriend, it might be weird. but when you don't, its cute.