Tuesday, January 1, 2008

ten months from yesterday...

is my wedding.

Conversation from last night:
Friend: I think this year I will get myself a boyfriend.
Me: I think this year I will get myself a husband.

We went to the Slowdown for a New Year's Eve dance party last night. When midnight came and everyone was done kissing (and they dropped giant balloons full of glitter!) roommates said "You're getting married this year!" and I was like, HOLY SHIT I AM GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR.

This Sunday is my first bridal show. I don't think a bridal show is essential to my planning process. Most girls go for ideas and I am so full of ideas that Greg and I might have to get married a couple of times just to get them all in there. So I don't NEED to go to wedding shows.
That being said, I am going to two. One on Sunday where fabulous roommate/maid of honor Ashley will be modeling dresses in a bridal runway show hosted by Joan Rivers.
I know. I know. It made me throw up a little too.
And then there is one on the 20th (?) which hopefully my mom and fabulous sister/matron of honor will come to as well so we can do wedding stuff together as a family.
I think these shows will be kinda useful because I need help finding vendors and I figure there will be lots of those there...also I will be able to go up to dress shop owners and say "Do you have any short dresses?" and then they can just say no to my face instead of playing the email game.

And holy God I have to go buy a planner today. This month is going to be scheduled within an inch of its life and I need something to tell me what I am late for. I like the planners with the big month pages (because my brain works better that way) but I'm thinking I'll need a minute by minute planner...which, again, makes me want to throw up a little.
Or maybe that's from all the partying I did last night. Oi. Girls, when we go to the Bachelorette party DO NOT LET ME ORDER THAT DRINK I ALWAYS ORDER. It'll only end in tears.

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