Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Suits...The Reckoning

Greeter Penguin is going to have to sit this one out, I'm afraid. But thanks to Shannon for buying me that thing! I love it!

But now, more suits! This time you can click the links to see the additional detailed shots on the Men's Wearhouse website. There's been a change in plans, and this is now somewhat urgent. The suit of our wedding's dreams...

CHOCO now sold out. Such are the tribulations of planning. But there's still hope! We can get the same price in a very nice tan!


And there is, as there must be, a $100-more-expensive suit of such sublime perfection for our desires that it breaks our hearts to deny, but unless somebody wants to kick $600 our way it's going to have to just...


...sail on by. But the real pressing question is this: Does a tan suit bother you? With Shannon leaning in the direction of mocha or brown dresses with bold accents (or vice versa) I think we'd be safe to go in the tan direction. Accents stay the same, with orange and purple pocket squares, ties, and Chuck Taylors for the groomsmen and corresponding red ones on me. Vests are probably out of the question for the moment due to financial matters, but that doesn't bother me in the least. Sharp suits are more important.

As always, feedback = love. I'm leaving behind rental options for the moment, but once a decision is made on this we're diving in and sending the link out for purchase. Gird your wallets, brothers, you're getting a sharp new suit posthaste. Oh, and we're paying for your awesome customized shoes, so you can handle this.


sister said...

It would add nice contrast to the darker bridesmaid dresses. That way, in the pictures you wouldn't just see a sea of dark brown with orange and purple flashes every once in a while. PS-I'm bringing deer jerky and a small gift to you two next weekend!
Love you lots!

SDJacksies said...