Tuesday, January 22, 2008

first look: dress shopping

Not able to make a big post right now, but here are a few of the dresses I tried on during WEDDING WEEKEND.


sister said...


oohshiny said...

I really, really like the mermaid dress on you.
But yeah, you could pretty much put on any dress and it would be amazing.

Ashley said...

The mermaid dress IS super pretty.

But I'm still hung up on a short dress for you, because you are one of the only people cute in short dresses.

But yeah, pretty much any of those options would be amazing!

oohshiny said...

I almost bought Brides magazine today because they had a headline on it about amazing weddings for $10,000. And... bridal magazines are fun.

I restrained myself.

Ashley said...

i miss the blog.

lets get out the calendar and start planning more shopping dates/vendor explorations, etc.

Sister said...

I think that the mermaid one makes the shot of your behind very flattering! I'm just sayin'! Also, you need to get your shiznet together and put the other dresses on here too! My vote-mermaid, then the shortie with the jacket at DB's. Love you sister!