Wednesday, January 9, 2008

another suit option, bride style

We could also go grey. This is mainly because I have decided that purple WILL be in this wedding and purple and grey are soooooo pretty together. Purple and grey would straight up be my palette if we were getting married any other day of the year. Mmmmm. Unfortunately we are not getting married any other day of the year, we are getting married on Halloween goddamit, and that means we have to take things into consideration. For instance, on February 5th or whatever this suit would just be plain sexy:But on October 31st it could look like we are trying to re-enact the Nightmare Before Christmas. Such is the burden we shoulder here at the Hallowedding. What do you think? Tan, grey, super expensive brown?


Ashley said...

I'd say go with the tan. That way you don't have to worry about the brown suits and brown dresses thing that you were concerned about and I agree, would look a little blah.

The gray and purple would be awesome, beautifully awesome, but orange would not work well in that palette, I don't think.

Also, your alarm keeps going off.

SDJacksies said...

yeah, i made a little "inspiration board" sort of thing with the tan suits...i'll post it later.

nadarine said...

I'm also voting for tan- very early 60's courthouse "I'm going back to work at the bank after my wedding" look. Plus, cheaper than the dark brown. And few dudes can really, really pull off a grey pinstriped number.