Tuesday, January 1, 2008

ain't no party like a bridal party

Oh! And I DID manage to see the girl from Maine so our bridal party is official now!
The boys (which Greg can go into more detail with and find pictures of) are Roommate Ben as Best Man, Greg Brother Dave, Greg Brother Mike, Greg Brother Joel, and Shannon Brother Justin.

The girls are Roommate Ashley as Maid of Honor (who has tried on more wedding dresses than I have, and is learning to crochet, making her better at wedding than me. We also work at almost all the same jobs so it's kind of Co-worker Roommate Ashley. Which, as you can see in the pic, she is totally fine with )
Shannon Sister Jessie as Matron of Honor (cuz she married, yo! Although Matron does make her sound old...Married Lady of Honor? Big Sis of Honor? Whatevs. She also looks very enthused in this picture)
Shannon High School Friend Katie (the elusive "One from Maine" who I asked at Old Chicago because I'm super duper classy...Ashley did convince me to at least call Katie to our side of the table, as opposed to just shouting "Hey Katie! Wanna be in my wedding?" over the talking of the twenty other people who were there.)
Jacksies College Friend Krystal (Krystal has been in like a thousand weddings. She is doing me a favor and doing the bridesmaid thing AGAIN because she loves us and is awesome. We might really exploit that love and make her sing at the wedding. This picture, btw, is from a series that makes me laugh SO HARD when I see them that I almost pee. Every. Single. Time.)

Greg High School Friend Jessica (a Jessie and a Jessica! This will cause problems! Jessica is one of the hippest chicks I have ever met. She and Greg went on a road trip to Chicago and they brought a George Foreman Grill to make grilled cheese on the road. But she is also a vegetarian, which means bachelorette party bacon theme is out. Shoot. I will also probably exploit her singing and crochet skills)

(and yes, I just went to facebook and found whatever pictures of the girls made me laugh/happy.)

The bride and groom, well, they've been decided for a while now.
The ring bearer will either be Ruffles....or an actual Ring Bear. It depends on the venue, I guess.


Ashley said...


and i just want to clarify that i have tried on so many wedding dresses because i will be a "model bride" this weekend. not because i'm THAT pathetic.

GPHarkson said...

Yeah, it's not like you've bought yourself a $3000 ham napkin or anything.

SDJacksies said...

i thought i made it clear. whoops! yes everyone, ashley is a supermodel who will be introduced by joan rivers, and i am a girl who procrastinates instead of trying on dresses

katie said...

that's an amazing photo of ruffles, but i will say i am sort of surprised (and happy) that he didn't die over that....

Sam said...

Hey Jackie,
Your Hallowedding counterpart in Chicago here...how are the plans!? So tell me about what your reception is going to be like...

sarah said...

that picture of ruffles is out of fucking control. why hasn't your dog eaten your face off yet?