Sunday, January 6, 2008

wedding nightmares already? damn.

Last night I had a dream that it was September. I still didn't have a venue, a photographer, or a dress. None of the bridesmaids had dresses, no one had been invited. And of course I freaked out. I said, we have to put it off a year! And like most of the dreams I have this way, I spent the entire dream being incredibly frustrated and on the verge of crying as people said, no, you can not have the wedding NEXT Halloween, you must have it in three weeks, and I woke up still convinced that I was terribly behind on everything in the world.

If these dreams continue until October I will not be happy. Greg probably will, because my usual dreams are really weird, and at least this one wasn't disturbing. (Yesterday, before the wedding dream, I dreamt I argued with a boy I vaguely knew in high school about whether or not he gave a shit about webpage design as I was eating a rock. It was one of those fancy agate ones that they make into bookends and coasters, and it tasted like strawberries, but it was still very much a rock.)

I don't get to go to the bridal show today because of an impromtu rehearsal that was planned against my will. Damn. That might be why I feel so...apprehensive all of the sudden, about getting it all done.

You have ten months girl. Get over yourself.

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Captain Wedding. said...

I only went to one bridal show and I didn't really think it was all that helpful. I got a giant bag o' crap, and the discounts I thought I was getting weren't all that good. (After Hours tuxes offered some sort of honeymoon deal with a dress from David's Bridal, but the stipulations on the trips were ridiculous). I mean, the coupons they put in there were pretty much, from what I remember, these spa offers for treatments and things you should take your bridal party to. I think it's probably worth it to go to one, just to see, but I think you really probably have more than enough research online to find out the better deals. There is free cake at the thing, but we didn't so much feel like fighting the crowds surrounding it. I don't know, the one I went to felt like it was geared towards people who had all the money in the world to spend on their weddings. Who knows! You might get more out of it than I did though! If you ever need help with anything, let me know.