Sunday, January 13, 2008

the fever

The mom and the sister are coming up next weekend for a two day spree of wedding dress shopping and bridal fair But since I realized that we are actually going wedding dress shopping, I have had The Fever, and I want to look at dresses all the time always and when I run out of dresses to look at on the internet it makes me angry.
So you might get a lot of posts like this. Or not, because spring semester starts up again tomorrow and in the next two weeks I am auditioning for shows, casting a show, teching a show and attending ACTF. And wedding dress shopping.
First of all, mmmmm:
Essence of Australia D594...How I love thee. Again, a brand that many boutiques carry, but a style that will probably go the way of Eden Informals 1171 which no one carries because it is short with a ruffle. The more I love short, ruffly dresses the more Omaha seems to hate them. Dammit.
A $10,000 wedding pointed me towards Bridal Power, where there were all sorts of dresses to look at. Not a lot in my size or price range but as I have said, I have The Fever and must therefore look at dresses for hours and hours. When I searched for shorties this came up: which is out of my price range as well as the range of how small my ribcage could ever become. But still, oh, look at the back.
But I am starting to realize that having a short dress that is actually beautiful might be out of my midwestern, low budget reach, I am going to go ahead and post some long dresses because it might be where we end up. And I think I will be okay with this if these long dresses have sleeves.
Look out fellas. This one's a little bit sexy.
It isn't that I hate long dresses, but my wedding is going to be as casual as possible--because casual is our style, our life, and our budget, and frankly, if I walked down the aisle in some big white confection I think people would say "Really, Shan? That looks like a costume" and they would be right. BUT! I have confidence that I will find a beautiful dress. That fits with my theme. And looks good on me. And is cheap.


Ashley said...

So. I think I may have forgotten, but do you have ushers?

oohshiny said...

While I was waiting to get my hair cut last night, I looked through the bridal magazines they had sitting out. And I remembered that the bridal fair I went to was more fun than I might have remembered when I wrote that last message about it. I hope you find out some good things! And taste lots of free cake.