Wednesday, January 30, 2008

holy crap!

(Like this, only with wedding clothes and on top of cupcakes)

Yes, yes, I know. I suck. I post dresses and promise news and then nothing. Well, for a while anyway, you might need a little more of nothin'. One, there's not a lot to share until we get the venue picked out (I KNOW, I KNOW, CALM DOWN MARTHA WE'LL BE FINE!) and two I'm crazy busy right now with non-wedding stuff...but I just had to say something.

PAUL PAPE GOT FEATURED ON WEDDINGBEE. I had mentioned him and his chocolate miis in a comment on there (which I believe got him quite a few orders) but then today Miss Hummingbird just stumbled upon his cake toppers and DAMN! That man is gonna get some business. (For non-Omahans, Paul is the guy whose family helped Greg with the proposal? Remember? Great!)
This is awesome because hooray money for Paul. This also means that Paul will be super busy so I'm also kinda sad for Paul. But we are also planning on getting a wii topper from Paul with a tiny mii Ruffles, so hell, this might be a trend! We are trend setters! Go wedding!


oohshiny said...

(thanks for the hug)

SDJacksies said...

i'll give you a real one when i sees ya. um, can i come to superbowl party if i don't like football?

oohshiny said...

Absolutely. I have no interest in the game, so I'll need entertainment. Did I mention keg? I think that's still a go.

Paul said...

OH GOD, THE BUSY!!! I haven't seen outside in days. And people keep asking if I can shat a cake topper in three days. I mean, difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week people.
But thank you. You have made my wife very happy with money and me, 'cuz I get to keep my "job".

oohshiny said...

Were these dresses on Target when you were looking at bridesmaids?

I know they're only online exclusive though, so that might suck. But I thought they were cute, and I didn't see them in your bridesmaid dresses posts...