Sunday, January 6, 2008


Greeter Penguin! Serve me up a planner!
I did buy my planner for the year, with handy little month at a glace and a weekly calendar that divides every day into half hour increments. I spent half an hour in Barnes & Noble, with six or seven different planner spread around me on the floor, flipping back and forth to see which would fill all my criteria. I looked COMPLETELY insane. I'm sure someone saw me and went home and blogged about it.
I was really drawn to the ones that were called "Engagement Calendar" because I am turning into a crazy wedding person...but "engagement calendars" are, I have found, notoriously lacking in the space department. I eliminated any that didn't have days divided by time (which knocked out a HUGE selection, including the one that was devoted to the 80s, which was super tempting)
I almost bought the B&N Famous Writers Desk Calendar, that was gorgeous, and had the full calendar BEFORE the month (which was my absolute favorite) as opposed to in a big chunk in the front. But, since it is a "theme" planner, pretty much every day on the month-at-a-glance had some little fact about writers that were born or died that day, and I just can't sacrifice that space. A LOT of fucking writers were born in September and October, dude. But oh, oh it was tempting.

I ended up with a very plain black leather number (see above with Penguin) that is almost perfect, but I do have one major beef with the thing--who will doubtlessly be getting a bitchy french man name soon because, remember guys, I'm crazy--it's little hour by hour breakdown starts at 8 am and ends at 9 pm, and Sunday is just a block and has no division whatsoever. Excuse me, planner, but my life does NOT work that way. Sometimes my day starts at 5 am and I have meetings that START at 11 at night (not wedding related...usually when I deal with theatres). So I find myself writing in the margins and on Sundays? It's just a chaotic scribblefest.
Apparently B&N just don't understand people who over schedule themselves. Pity, it's such a large demographic...they could probably make millions.

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