Friday, December 7, 2007


Ah, Stephanie James. With all your beautiful tea length dresses. Some with pleats. Some named after beloved characters in musicals. All of which would be so, so perfect for me.
I finally broke down and just emailed the woman. Just to see if there was a boutique carrying her line somewhere closer than Denver. There isn't. But she was kind enough to offer to ship me a dress and gave me prices. Less than I thought. Still too much, though, I think, for something that only I get to enjoy. It shouldn't cost as much as the catering.
Right? Right? Right?
The first dress is Dahlia. Pleated and pretty and new.

And then there's Audrey, "her most popular dress," and Audrey just breaks my goddamn heart.How cute would I look in that? Seriously. I must say, though, Stephanie James is like the nicest person I have talked to about wedding stuff so far. She's unbelievable.


Sister said...

You NEED AUDREY!!! N E E D!!!!! Ask the parents if they would help out (!). But, beware, it may not fit right, what's her return policy? I friggin LOVE it, though!!

oohshiny said...

You pretty much need one of those dresses. Tell ya what, we're going to Colorado over New Year's. I'll pick up your dress for you. And by pick up, I mean go to the store and get the dress that you have already bought. Because I cannot buy your wedding dress.

SDJacksies said...

aw, why not? what kind of a captain wedding are you?!

GPHarkson said...

Yeah. You need to do this.

And you'd be so special if she made you a dress!!

Ashley said...

oops. i was just pretending i was greg again.

i must really want to marry you.

oohshiny said...

I am a poor Captain Wedding with lots of ideas about things that can happen at weddings. I would love to buy your dress, but unfortunately, my student loans started this month, and I still have a mortgage. Laaaaame.
BTW, I have seen so much robot stuff the last couple days. I just want to buy them for you. Those I can afford.
And if you and Ashley run away before the ceremony, no one will blame either of you.