Saturday, December 15, 2007

overstock = overawesome

I have never been to, but someone suggested them for bridesmaid dresses and oh my gosh. There are a lot of dresses (like the one above...I love chest buttons more than pleats, even) that I want to have justification to buy. Rehearsal dinner dress? Erm, prolly too chilly for October. Engagement photo dress? Wear it around so people will call me pretty?...(is that a wedding justification?) But I DID find some very interesting finds. These dresses will probably not be around in a few months when I need to buys them but just knowing that we have these options makes me feel so much better. This dress comes in rich, dark orange and shiny orange. I know, it was pretty much decided that pencil skirts were out, but I think those people would reconsider for pretty orange dresses...maybe?
And oh, WEDDING DRESS TIME! Oooooooh, ahhhhhhhh. And, and, and, $120. Yup.
If I had any disposable income I would just buy it. Just...because.


nadarine said...

OH MY GOD. That dark orange dress is perfection. Pretty please force your bridesmaids to reconsider their pencil-skirt feelings to make room for the orange satin awesomeness.

Sister said...

I'll wear whatever you want me to! If you were that excited about the white one, you could replace the black netting with some white? For 120, you could work with it a lot!

Ashley said...

Yeah dude, I'll wear whatever you want! And wearing a pencil skirt would mean extra incentive for me to get thin. Not a bad thing.